Modern Druid Magic – An Overview

Let’s Explore Modern Druid Magic

Paganism in the modern age is often associated with magic. It’s difficult not to make this association, especially with Pagan beliefs such as witchcraft and Wicca.

In the case of Druidism, the rules and understandings of magic differ slightly, having a much more subtle affect on the surroundings of the druid as opposed to the fire and brimstone that many have come to associate with a concept like magic. Continue reading Modern Druid Magic – An Overview

How to Become a Druid and Follow Your Spiritual Path

Are you a Druid? Do you want to become a Druid? Does the path choose you or do you choose it? There is no one answer to these questions and as with all paths there will be many opinions.

People who feel that Druidry is part of who you are from birth, like your feet or your kidneys and others who believe that it is something you can come to at any time in your life. Continue reading How to Become a Druid and Follow Your Spiritual Path

What Druidry is Not

For me, being a Druid does not entail an abundance of white robes, a practice of creeping around beneath the pines and finding ways into and out of gorse bushes where only the deer and I tread.

I don’t howl at the seashore in the rain, or bellow in the heart of the forest when the moon is full. Besides the badgers and mosquitoes, this kind of living just wouldn’t suit me. Continue reading What Druidry is Not

What Magic is to the Modern Druid

Magic and its use is always a personal journey for each person, and we do not force strict must dos or don’ts on fellow Druids, but there are a few basic and fundamental principles to using magic.

Only by researching and studying can you try and get the full depth of knowledge of Druidism. But as long as we live, we will learn more as just like natures seasons, there is loss and renewal in all the seasons of our and our fellow human’s lives. Continue reading What Magic is to the Modern Druid