The Significance of Trees

The Druids as well as many other people believed that particular trees were especially important not only for practical use such as fuel, building materials and making weapons but they also had a spiritual presence.  The trees are living things and are filled with energy and the essence of nature and will have an aura that can be visible to those who have total balance and harmony.  These trees also held healing properties.  Each tree is also associated with a month during the year.

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The Earliest Recordings of Druidism As We Know It

Druidism is one of the oldest belief systems in the world, and is said to span countless centuries dating back as far as 25000 years ago.

Although much of the history at this time has been lost to the ages, much of what we know about the ancient druids is found through the writings of the Romans who conquered many parts of the Western world. Continue reading The Earliest Recordings of Druidism As We Know It

3 Sacred Sites for Druids

While modern archaeology has largely established that the majority of stone monuments and sacred sites that are now commonly referred to as Druid’s altars, druid’s temples and stone circles are in fact much older than the earliest known druids who lived during the first few centuries before Christ.

Some of these ancient sites date back to 2000 BCE. Despite this, many Druids are instinctively drawn to the sacred energy and mystical power that inhabits these ancient sites. Continue reading 3 Sacred Sites for Druids