Adopting Druidry In The Modern World

We’ve all had a long day at the office, only to be stuck in traffic for hours on end, and by the time that we get home, we long to escape from it all and live out in the forest.

Unfortunately, and much to the surprise of many, living out in the forests is not as easy as it seems, and it can be a hard and difficult life that most are not really prepared for.

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Who Were The Druids?

The term ‘druid’ refers to a member of the learned class among the ancient Celts. These people acted as priests, teachers as well as judges.

The earliest-known records of the Druids come from the 3rd century BCE. Their name might have come from a Celtic word that means “knower of the oak tree.” Very little is known for certain regarding the Druids, who kept absolutely no records of their own.

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Interesting Facts About The Druids

A high-ranking member of ancient Celtic culture, Druids were an esteemed bunch of literate individuals. Living in Gaul around 1200-600 BC, their membership was made up of medical professionals, lawyers, engineers, mathematicians, and politicians. Druids were divided into three sections – the Ovates who practiced medicine or foretold the future, the Bards who told stories and made music and the Druids who were philosophers, teachers and judges.

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The Ancient Druids And The Practice Of Sacrifice

Most belief systems of the modern age, no matter how old they are, are devoid of any form of violence within their tenets. For thousands of years, humans would wage war, pillage, kill, and torture in the name of their beliefs, but our modern moral compass has allowed us to worship in much more peaceful ways.

Druidry is very much the same: a peaceful belief system that centres around the worship and reverence of the natural world, but it does have both a dark and fascinating past that often included the practice of human sacrifice.

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Druidism And The Importance Of Senses

Druidism is a belief system that encompasses a number of different rituals, prayers, and other aspects, each as important s the last. One that sometimes isn’t always considered by those that are new practitioners of Druidism is the importance of senses and how they can make a big difference to understanding the nature around us. Our senses are our connection to the world, to nature, and to those around us. Being able to adapt to the situation by making use of your senses, while also finding peace and solace in the world around you is a vital step when walking the Druidic path, and one that all new druids will need to try and perfect as they go forward.

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The Three Goals of the Modern-Day Druid

Suggestions as to the purpose of the successive rebirths of Druids can be found if we review the goals that play a central role in this modern religious and spiritual movement.

We can be said to seek above all else the cultivation of creativity, love, and wisdom, and the amount of times we reincarnate gives us the chance to most fully develop these qualities within ourselves.

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