Having a Quick Look at Druidic Rituals and Ceremonies

The Druidic way of life is one that is in rhythm with the patterns of nature, as reflected in the set practices and habits that every Druid engages in. Each grove has its own unique way of conducting rituals and ceremonies, but they are all designed to align participants with Spirit, and with nature.

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The Three Main Grades of Druidism

Since the first Druidic lessons were offered by the OBOD in 1988, thousands of members have followed this path, creating a network of Druids with more than 80 groves and seed groups around the world, and providing the foundation for a real Druidic community. Although it consists of’ grades,’ they are more like’ colleges,’ each educating distinct abilities, each building on one another in interpersonal ways.

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The 5 Core Tenets of Druidism

Druidic beliefs are some of the most fascinating of any ancient or modern religion, and it’s no wonder that they have resonated so powerfully with people around the world.

Druidism is largely free of dogmas and fixed, rigid practices and beliefs, instead taking a more spiritual path in order to change global problems like sectarianism, intolerance and judgement.

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The Druidic Samhain Ritual

The festival of Samhain, or Calan Gaeaf, is a time of honouring the dead and the closing of the year. It is also the time when the veil between the living and the dead is at its thinnest.

Each and every druid celebrates Samhain in his or her own special way, but there is a ritual that tends to be followed by all practicing druids in part, or in its entity.

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Differences Between Wicca and Druidism

Wicca is defined as a modern form of paganism founded in the 20th century in Britain and says that it has its origins in early Christian religions.

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